10 Qualities of a Successful Coach

10 Qualities of a Successful Coach.

In this video, find out the 10 qualities it takes to be a successful coach in order to live your dream.

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The Coaching Institute is Australia’s #1 life coaching school, having trained some of the most successful coaches in Australia and Asia in the last 13 years.
We are mainly a referral-based coaching school. Our students and graduates love their experience and journey with us so much that many encourage friends, family and colleagues to join.

Our programs are available worldwide. Our award-winning and internationally recognised coaches are phenomenally successful at what they do. They are also the biggest names and key influencers in the life coaching industry.

Let us help you to change your life and the lives of others. Let us WOW you!

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Sharon Pearson is Founder of The Coaching Institute and Creator of the Ultimate Change Methodology, Meta Dynamics™

Sharon has often been referred to as a ‘Superpreneur’ – and when you hear her story, it’s easy to understand why.
Sharon is the creator of the Meta Dynamics™ methodology she also founded The Coaching Institute – Australia’s most successful Coaching School.

She has written four books, ‘Pathways to Success and Happiness’, ‘Your Success: 10 Steps to an Extraordinary Life’, ‘Simple Strategies for Business Success’ and ‘Disruptive Leadership’ and created a number of successful training programs including Ultimate Influence and Disruptive Leadership.


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