Beachbody Coach Training: #1 Secret to Success

#1 Secret Tip to being a Successful Team Beachbody Coach.

In this video I share how getting to Beachbody Coach Events is vital to your success as a Coach.

We all have to overcome excuses. No Time. No Money. Yet at the end of the day success isn’t convenient. To have something you’ve never had, you have to be willing to do something you’ve never done before!
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Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson is a former broke, fat, in debt dude who used fitness to become a business owner, financially free, living a kick ass life. He is the guy you saw on the Insanity Workout & PiYO Workout DVDs.

Now he teaches others how to take control of their own lives to create a #LifeWellCrafted

Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson

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