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Dennis Watson is a Christian life coach. A Life Coach is not a counselor. We are not an expert on your problems nor do we offer you solutions on how to fix them. A coach does not primarily deal with your past, we deal with your future.

A Christian Life Coach believes that with Christ’s help you are the expert on you. They help you figure out what you believe God wants your present and your future to look like, mostly by asking questions. A coach helps you set goals, face reality, figure out options for getting from where you are to where you want to be and then commit to the actions steps you are willing to take in order to reach those goals. You are in charge, you set the agenda and you take responsibility to reach your goals. Your coach is your biggest fan and your accountability partner to help you keep moving forward to reach your full potential in Christ. Everyone would benefit from having a Christian Life Coach.

Dennis Watson
Crossroads Christian Life Coaching

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